Kyle Builders, Inc. has become the largest and most diversified deck builder in Michigan. Being that we are the trendsetter in both standard decks and cement porches, we have been able to stay ahead of our competition by combining the two. Our customers are able to now live the life of luxury without breaking the bank... "Always imitated, never duplicated"

Unfortunately for our competitors, we did not stop there. We are always trying to fulfill our customers' dreams, yet understanding that there are still budgets that need to be met. We have been able to meet both of these issues by introducing a concrete floor in place of the composite floor. The framing is still treated and the trim is still composite to save on cost, but the floor would be cement to give you a waterproof area underneath. Below are two pictures of the same deck. From outside, it looks like a high end composite deck, but from the top, it is a cement porch. (A few pictures above have cement floors and are waterproof underneath).

A Hybrid Deck Being Built