Walkways and Municipal Structures

Below is one of our jobs in progress. As you can see, we don’t just send out a crew and tie up your job. With the particular project below, we sent six crews out with another crew relocating materials and controlling traffic. One end of the East leg is just being started, but by the time you walk to the other end, the railing is done. That is organization and the way these should be done. Notice the swamp, as well! We also had a six foot man stand next to the project to give you an idea of the height.

In Progress

The Job Above Finished

The project above is just one of the walkways on our list. We could show you pictures of basically the same thing, but instead, we listed below some of the larger projects we have done:

  • The famous “Million Dollar” mile (Adams Rd. between Silverbell and Dutton in Oakland Township)
    - Built for Moceri Development (with Glencorp.)
  • The Butler Road project (on Butler Rd. in Rochester Hills)
    - Built for Ajax Paving
  • Oakland Township boardwalk (off Silverbell; west Adams)
    - Built for Ajax Paving
  • West Bloomfield Township boardwalk (Commerce Rd. section)
    - Built for Italia Construction
  • Numerous Pulte Homes development boardwalks (“Silvercreek” and “Arcadia” subdivisions to name a couple)
  • Northville Township boardwalk (“Northville Hills Golf Club” subdivision)
    - Built for Toll Brothers
  • Rolling Oaks County Park (Ypsilanti)
    - Built for ABC Paving
  • Oakland Township Boardwalk (“Millers Crossing” subdivision)
    - Built for The Richard Group